Des période: Crétacé
Des emplacement: Gan Su, Chine

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According to Darwinism, there should be enormous differences between present-day life forms and those whose fossil skulls and other remains have been unearthed. And again according to them, contemporary life forms should be found in the course of evolving in the fossil record. For example, there should be remains of a great many semi-fish and semi-reptile, or half-reptile and half-mammal creatures. There should be fossil remains of strange-looking animals reminiscent of donkeys but which haven’t yet assumed complete appearance of a donkey. Those donkey skulls unearthed should have misaligned eye sockets, or as yet no nostrils yet, or peculiarly shaped jawbones. However, all the donkey fossils discovered have the same anatomical features as those of donkeys living today, showing that this species have been exactly the same since they first came into being.

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