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Des emplacement: Shan Dong, Chine

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As evidence for the so-called evolution of man, Darwinists pointed to a very limited number of fossils. Many years ago, they interpreted them as their most important specimens of intermediate forms. However, subsequent scientific progress has shown that the fossils in question belonged either to monkeys or else to human races that existed at some time in the past. For that reason, all the so-called evidence for human evolution has gradually been removed from the scientific literature. The only reason why some Darwinist publications still refer to these fossils is entirely speculative—they are of no scientific value at all. Another scientific finding that reveals that the evolution of man is a lie and that human beings did not evolve from any previous life form is the countless numbers of fossils unearthed. One such example is this 69-million-year-old grey wolf skull, showing that this species of animal has never changed over the course of millions of years. This stasis, which applies to all living things, certainly applies to monkeys as well.

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