Des période: Pliocène
Des emplacement: Ji Lin, Chine

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The history of paleontology is full of examples of fossils that invalidate evolution being hidden away in museum warehouses. Pictures of the first specimens of Cambrian Period fossils to be discovered were concealed for 70 years in the storerooms of the Smithsonian Institution because they represented major evidence that fundamentally refuted evolution. Given such an example, it was inevitable that the theory of evolution would attempt to conceal specimens of countless living fossils subsequently unearthed, and for exactly the same reason. However, the situation was by no means what Darwinists had been expecting. Darwinists never imagined that so many specimens of so-called “living fossils” would be discovered. The number of fossil specimens unearthed in excavations carried out to date is exceedingly high. One example is this horse skull dating back 4.3 million years, which is identical to the skull of present-day horses.

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