Des période: Paleocène
Des emplacement: Yun Nan, Chine

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Darwinists allow 20 million years for the imaginary process of human evolution to have taken place. That is the period of time that human beings are estimated to have taken to develop from chimpanzees into their present form—the period of time best suited to the theory of evolution. Accordingly, there should be countless intermediate forms demonstrating that 20-million-year transition from chimpanzee to human. Yet out of all the transitional forms that should once have existed, there is not even one. Instead, we have fossils of terrestrial life forms with perfect structures that lived for much longer periods of time. This 60-million-year-old turtle skull proves that these animals have remained unchanged for 60 million years, which represents powerful evidence against evolutionists’ claims regarding human evolution, for which there is no scientific proof whatsoever. That being so, all Darwinist incitement is meaningless. Life forms have never changed, and the evolutionary history the public are indoctrinated with never happened. Allah created all living things, human beings included, from nothing.

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